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Al-Ghazali LIbrary holds a collection of books, periodicals,  newspaper cuttings, lecture notes and mutlimedia devices. The collection is organized according to the Library of Congress Classification System [LC], and grouped as follows :


 Open Shelf (OS)

Open shelf books are generally for borrowing and are marked 'OS' on the spines. These books are located in general reading area and every patrons are free to view,and borrow.


 Print Periodicals

There are over 187 titles of print periodicals available in the library. The current issues are displayed in the periodical section next to the Reference Area. The back issues are bound and placed in the Reference Section. Periodicals are non circulating items and can only be used in the library. These collections are marked as 'RES' on the spines.


 Reserve Collection

i. General Reserve

This collection is confined to high-demand materials that are separated from the general collection; and are assigned restrictive loan periods to ensure greater availability to patrons. Most of the materials kept as reserve are recommended readings by the lecturers. Other materials included:

  • annual report
  • past year examination paper
  • newspaper cuttings.
  • Printed Journals

These collections are marked as 'RES' on the spines.


ii. Lecturer's Reserve

This collection is strictly reserves for the lecturers. Students are not allowed access to this collection.These collections are marked as 'LEC' on the spines.


 Reference Collection

The Reference collection is located next to the periodical section and comprises general and subject of:

  • dictionaries
  • encyclopedias
  • almanacs
  • yearbooks
  • atlases
  • handbooks
  • manuals

and other books that are available for quick referral and research questions. These materials, do not circulate, and have the designation "REF" before their call numbers.